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Mental Health Matters

"We believe in empowering members by providing a supportive environment in which they can rehabilitate themselves by learning skills to function at their optimal level which improves their daily lives" Bill Aldrich   


Mind, Body and Spirit

Community Support Center was started by William (Bill) and Pam Aldrich in 1996 in Burley, Idaho. He decided to go into this line of work because his Mother and Brother both had schizophrenia and he wanted to take care of them while also making mental health services better for those with severe and persistent mental illnesses. It started with just the one center in Burley and soon grew into three centers including one in Twin Falls and one in Boise. Sadly the Burley center closed due to cut backs in the mental health program but Twin Falls and Boise are still going strong. The Community Support Center is one of the best places to get services. The clients are welcomed into an extended family environment and the staff all go above and beyond to help every one that walks through the door.  

The Advocates

The CSC Advocates is consisted of the group of members that hold the non profit status that gathers donations and conducts fundraisers and events such as an open house to gather funds to support the program which allows them to go on outings, go camping, and the food program that provides a free lunch to the members while receiving services during the day. Every year a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer are nominated and then voted in and advocacy meetings are held every month. In addition, a newsletter is also done a distributed to the members.